Are you working on an application for the automotive industry? If so, there’s a high likelihood you need to adhere to UNECE Regulation 10: Europe’s standard for automotive EMC.

Failing to adhere to Regulation 10 can result in costly product delays, and additional development and testing.

To help navigate UNECE Regulation 10’s requirements, we’ve released a free guide: Essential Information on UNECE Regulation 10 for Automotive EMC.

In it, you’ll receive an overview for staying compliant to the standard, including Regulation 10’s

  • History – How and why did Regulation 10 come to be
  • Scope – Who and what does the standard apply to?
  • Enforcement and Approval – Who enforces and approves adherence to Regulation 10?
  • Compliance – What type of testing is necessary?
  • Testing EVs - What are the new requirements?

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Essential Information on UNECE Regulation 10 for Automotive EMC

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